The subscriber and SUN Technologies Limited will be bound by these General Terms and Conditions.

1. The subscriber must give all required documents and information in order to confirm the subscriber’s identity, legal position, and business capacity. SUN Technologies Limited will have the authority to investigate the matter. SUN Technologies Limited reserves the right to temporarily disconnect, suspend, or terminate services if the subscriber provides inaccurate information in any document or on the subscription form. If any of the information provided earlier changes, the subscriber must notify SUN Technologies Limited of the change, failing which SUN Technologies Limited reserves the right to suspend or cancel the services in its sole discretion.

2. Both parties agree that any material marked as confidential by one party will be kept confidential by the other party. Only if it is discovered that the information was previously in the public domain or was already known to the receiving party without infringing this agreement, or if it is required by law, can such information be disclosed.

3. SUN Technologies Limited has sole control over the title and ownership of the connection and equipment provided SUN Technologies Limited will provide the subscriber with the services within the agreed-upon time frame. In the event that help is delayed, SUN Technologies Limited will notify the subscriber as soon as practically possible.